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V1.204 (21.06.2008)

- Previous version only translated single words. Fixed.

V1.200 (16.06.2008)

- Made some changes to make amifish work again with babelfish.

V1.161 (20.02.2005)

- Translations were cut off in the middle of the text. Fixed.

V1.160 (07.04.2005)

- Once again Babelfish wasted some time in changing their interface and once again this means amifish needs a new version.

V1.154 (17.02.2005)

- Added dutch and greek as languages.

- Now supports additional language pairs:

- English to Dutch
- English to Greek
- English to Russian
- Dutch to English
- Dutch to French
- French to Greek
- French to Italian
- French to Portuguese
- French to Dutch
- French to Spanish
- Greek to English
- Greek to French
- Italian to French
- Portuguese to French
- Spanish to French

V1.146 (04.02.2005)

- Added MorphOS native binary thanks to Leif Salomonsson's ECX.

- Changed copyright to 2005.

V1.145 (04.06.2004)

- Added proxy support. PROXY and PROXYPORT can be either used as tooltypes or from shell.

V1.126 (29.04.2004)

- The string gadget won't be activated anylonger if "Activate Window" is turned off. (Andreas Kürzinger)

V1.125 (07.04.2004)

- String gadget will be the active object now when the window opens. (Antibike)

- Made it work again with Babelfish.

- Added a nice icon by Christian Rosentreter.

- Prepared AmiFish for new languages.

- Updated copyright notice.

V1.122 (25.04.2003)

- Made it work again with Babelfish.

- Added polish catalogs

- Updated copyright notice.

V1.120 (20.11.2002)

- Made it work again with Babelfish.

V1.117 (01.11.2002)

- Window can now be switched to titleless. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Language entries are now alphabetically sorted. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Added french catalogs by Jerome Chesnot.

- Added italian catalogs by Luca "Hexaae" Longone.

- Added NewIcon by Luca "Hexaae" Longone.

V1.83 (26.10.2002)

- Did some cosmetical changes. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- It's now possible to set a default translation. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Window can now be set to be not activated when starting amifish. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Added a missing line to http request. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Depth gadget is now removed when window is set to be immoveable.

- Added ability to make the window immoveable. This also includes not being able to resize the window. Have a look at the settings menu. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Changed the frame around translation mode (e2d, d2e, etc) from recessed to buttonframe. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Error messages are no longer displayed in the text field. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- The button in the error requester is now the default button. (Andreas Kürzinger)

- Localized amifish.

V1.19 (24.07.2002)

- Did again some changes to make amifish work again with babelfish.

V1.18 (16.07.2002)

- Did some changes to make amifish work again with babelfish.