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What's new in this release?

Like in the previous release of AmiNetRadio (V3), testing was mainly carried out on MorphOS, so we cannot fully guarantee flawless operation of AmiNetRadio under any other AmigaOS-like operating system.

Many bugs have been squished. Among them were problems with audio playback using one of the 4 AHI audio units. Thanks must go to Harry Sintonen, who figured out all the dirty details.

Thanks must also go to Mahendra Tallur and Christian Rosentreter for figuring out a couple of problems and bugs in the player and plugin API's. With their help it was possible to make AmiNetRadio even more stable.

Emphasis was put once again on the playlist editor, which is now more powerful and offers more features compared to previous releases. It is for example possible to synchronise your playlists with the media present on the harddisk, so that the playlist contents always reflects the contents of the directories it is assembled from. In addition AmiNetRadio now creates playlists on the fly for the 100 most played songs and for all the songs that were played in the last 7 days.

Ilkka Lehtoranta once again cared for AHX, CDDA, Soundmon and FutureComposer players and fixed many bugs and added a couple of features. CDDA player, for example, now supports FreeDB to make listening to Audio CD's an even more enjoyable experience.

Thanks to Christian Rosentreter's efforts, AmiNetRadio now comes with players for Wave, AIFF and Sun Audio preinstalled.

One new GUI has been written to please all those people who like to have everything in one window. It is a homage to the TuneNet GUI and its name is GharArg GUI. Controversially discussed was the question what this GUI should support in order to please as many people as possible. To make life easier for people used to TuneNet we originally wanted to create a 1:1 copy of its GUI but it was decided that the TuneNet GUI was too limiting and approximately 80% of AmiNetRadio's unique features would have remained unseen.

Internal and external scopes got one addition each: Aphilia is the name of the visual plugin. Aphilia is using Overlay when possible and is looking ugly when no audio is played but besides that it pleases the eye with colourful and chaotic effects. The new internal Scope for ANRNG, Classic, WinAMP and MUIGUI displays the VU levels of the audio data in a scrolling manner.

Thanks to Mark Olsen the Arexx command set has been updated with a couple of new commands to reflect the new possibilities of this new AmiNetRadio release.

Kenny Richardson continued to maintain the documentation and updated and partly rewrote it to be in sync with this all new AmiNetRadio release.

One last thank you has to go to Leif Salomonsson and his efforts with ECX. With the help of ECX it was possible to make AmiNetRadio a couple of degrees more MorphOS native and to make it an even more exciting experience.

Last but not least we wish you many happy hours and unforgettable joy by using this exciting and new AmiNetRadio installment.

-- #amigazeux


ANR is FREEWARE. There's no adware, spyware, shareware demands or anything like that. Do what you want with it, but don't try to take credit for it. Making a profit from this product is strictly prohibited!

Using demonstration of ANR to advertise commercial operating systems without explicit permission from the author is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to do this will result in future versions of ANR being actively prevented from running on the said operating systems.

Use is at the user's own risk. The author, developers, and all concerned cannot and will not take responsibility for any damage done to your computer, house, career, Bible, weapons cache or DVD collection. Remember that!