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17.01.2006 v2.1

CD Player 2.1
- - fixed small timer bug in the analog player
- AmigaOS/AfA version (CD Player only, other tools are for MorphOS only.)

CD Player 2.0
- Supports FreeDB

- Supports CDText
- Supports playing via AHI
- Supports AmigaAMP visual plugins (AHI only)
- Supports AmiNetRadio DSP plugins (AHI only)
- Waveform analyser (AHI only)
- Play CDs at 0.01x ... 4x speed (AHI only)
- Adjustable volume from 0% to 400% (AHI only currently)
- Bass boost from -30dB to +30dB (AHI only)
- Random play
- ARexx port
- Uses MUI

Note: you need freedb.library V13+, older versions are not supported
Get it from

FreeDB is not used when the CD has CDText on it.

CD Player 1.2
- Added CDText support
- New GUI
- Supports seeking (f. forward/rewind)

CDDA Ripper 1.1
- Can read track names from CD (CDText)

BlankCD 2.0
- Blank CDRW disks, similar to MakeCD's Blank CD function

Eject 2.0
- Open and close CD/DVD tray

SetCDSpeed 2.0
- CD/DVD speed control