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Features that make Diavolo Backup one of a kind:

Extremely high speed (up to 2 MB per minute to disks, up to 50 MB per minute to SCSI streamer (DAT).

Efficient Data compression through using XPK-Libraries: Possibility of using different developed (current and future) packing algorithms simply with the click of your mouse.

SCSI-Streamer support. Configurable to make use of the additional features of advanced devices like DAT-Streamer.

Support of changeable hard drives (such as SyQuest Drives).

Parallel usage of High Density diskettes (HD, 1.76 MB cap.) together with Normal Density diskettes (DD, 880 KB cap.) in one backup (A High Density drive from Commodore is required for this option).

Also supports backup on networked drives (like smbfs).

Data Encryption possible with up to a 10 letter password.

Backups of different partitions or hard drives simultaneously in one session.

Clear and easy to understand user-interface (localized to German or English).

All steps are optically clear and allow for a quick summary of all actions.

Full multi-assign (Multiple directories with one logical name) support.

Support of Hard and Softlinks. The links can be symbolically saved and restored (that is if the links are the same by restoring as they were when saved).