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V1.1 02-Oct-2006

MEM 1.1 (02-Oct-2006)
- If an icon is now dragged and dropped over a button with EXECUTE action set, the specified program is now started with the icon filename as arguments put in quotes. (Canuma)
- EXECUTE action for buttons never worked. Fixed. (Canuma)
- Added 2 new arexx commands to change pictures displayed by image objects. The commands are SETIMAGE and GETIMAGE . (Canuma)
- Image objects now accept an additional parameter called 'ID' to access them from arexx. (Canuma)
- Scaling was broken after changing skin parsing. Fixed. (SoundSquare)

SkinED_MEM V1.1 (02-Oct-2006)
- Button objects can be set to 'Single Image'. This means that buttons can be made up of only a single state, all their states are generated algorithmically. (Canuma)
- Image objects can now be given an ID. (Canuma)
- Newly created skins did not accept objects to be added. Fixed. (Piru)

V1.0 30-Sep-2006

- First public release