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After some really "boring" weeks being almost done completing MiniShowPicture, I started thinking about creating a new, hyper and super application for MorphOS. In the weeks that followed I came up with some really nice ideas, most of them being programs based on a 3D engine (GUI for a raytracer, 3D titling app like NTitler, etc.). In the end I decided to create a 3D application for making animations (based on tinygl), so I began developing my own routine to create 3D text. After some weeks one of my friends came with the idea to create 3D text in a simple way by using true type fonts. The idea for this program came from our great #castor-cvs irc channel.

I started writing the first lines of code during the holidays of 2004, and at the end of 2004 I already completed the core part of the application, without animation support. Somewhere in the middle of the 2005 I stopped working on the program, since the needed 3D drivers where not available to most MorphOS users.

Here and in every part of the app I want to send thx to: #AmigaZeux people! #MorphOS people! #castor-cvs people! #ppa people!

jobbo, nelson, bigfoot, kiero, henes:)

#AmigaZeux and Stefkos proudly presents: Titler