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2.2 - 21.02.2011.

  • Fixed to work again with (ingo)

2.1 - 23.10.2009

  • Last char of night conditions for forecast was cut off. Fixed. (mk)

  • Above fix now also makes wetter detect night icons for forecast again. (mk)

  • Added missing Moon_small_WaxingGibbous. (mk)

  • Deleted superflous icons. (mk)

  • Added support and localisation of "Variable" wind direction. (mk)

2.0 - 17.10.2009

  • Added %wis to show small conditions icon.

  • Added %wip and %wiP to show moon phase icon and its small version.

  • Added localised versions of %wco, %wwd, %wws, %wmp, %wps, %wuv (having a capital first W).

  • Added %uv for UV.

  • Added %wyf, %wyc for yesterdays min. temperature and %wxf, %wxc for yesterday max. temperature.


  • Fixed a couple of refresh problems under MorphOS 2.0.

  • Added %t<0-9> and %tx to use pen 0 to 9 or set the default pen again.

  • Iconsets reside now in PROGDIR:Iconsets/ instead of just PROGDIR:. If you have any iconsets in the root-dir, copy them to PROGDIR:Iconsets/

  • It's now possible to make the Wetter window a backdrop window.

  • Wetter can now be set to be transparent under MorphOS (still faked transparency).

  • Added %f and %r for frames and fonts.

  • Free standing text in a format description is now considered as label/text.

  • Added "FORMAT" tooltype/shell argument to specify a format that will be loaded upon startup.

  • Default formats are basically gone. Formats can now be loaded from and saved to disk which adds a whole lot more flexibility.

  • ASL file requester was never freed. Fixed.

  • Added a scrollbar to the format editor.

  • It's now possible to display the forecast of the next 7 days. New keywords have been added for this.

  • Added "CONFIG" tooltype/shell argument to specify the config file Wetter should load upon startup.

  • The main config file is no longer saved to env:wetter/.cfg but to PROGDIR:default.cfg. This makes it possible to have more than one instance of Wetter running using different config files. Also added correspondig menu items to load and save settings.

  • Visibility can now also be displayed in kilometers using %wvk.

  • The update delay can now be set as small as 10 Minutes, followed by 20 Minutes.

  • A Space behind the city name wasn't removed and caused off-center centering. Fixed.

  • Added support for \n (carriage return), \e (escape) and \q (quote) for labels and texts.

1.2 - 25.01.2005

  • If more than one match for a city is found Wetter now displays a selection window where the user can select the city he wants to be displayed.

  • It's now possible to enter direct URLs to a city on This is useful when for example more than one city was found matching the specified name.

  • Fixed initial display of preview icons in the prefs which were always set to rain for all 3 icons.

1.1 - 23.01.2005

  • Fixed proxy support

1.0 - First public release

May 2004 First internal release