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08.10.2005 News update: A problem that prevented ANR4 to run on OS4 got fixed. If you are using OS4 and downloaded AmiNetRadio V4 earlier then we advise you to get the update to v4.1 now.

06.10.2005 This just in: AmigaZeux is proud to present you the latest incarnation of AmiNetRadio! Check out what's new in this release while you download v4!

We also added a compatibility list on the features page for your information.

It began in Germany.

A fellow Amiga developer enjoyed shoutcast streams on his 'new' DSL account with Amplifier. As this was a quite common and long available tool for online radio listening he was happy with it. Until the day it sent his Amiga to Nirvana for the 42nd time. This was when he decided to do it better.

#AmigaZeux proudly presents: AmiNetRadio