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v6.1 - 03.09.2003

- Traffic >2gb should be displayed correctly now. Requires e-utils.library by Ilkka Lehtoranta.

- Added "Stay in front" option which basically keeps the panel window in front of all other windows.

v5.28 - 28.01.2003

- Using the "X" button to quit MiamiDX made Miami freeze. Fixed.

- When interfaces were removed the panels layout became corrupted. Fixed.

v5.21 - 26.01.2003

- The panel now is able to display incomming and outgoing traffic for each interface.

- It's now possible to let the panel display the top-CPS of each interface.

- Increased stacksize making it stable again under MorphOS.

- Added an about window.

- Added the ability to make the window immoveable. This also includes not being able to resize the window. Have a look at the settings menu.

- Moved all the GUI stuff to an external program, which does
a) make it dragable and sizeable again on MorphOS
b) makes development of the GUI a bit less of a click-orgy for me :)

- Added a Real-Time-Clock to the titlebar on request. It's also possible now to switch the clock, the uptime or both on/off in the settings.

- Panel doesn't show negative values any longer if more than 2 gb were transfered.

v4.259 - 04.04.2002

- Changed communication of library and panel task.

- GB informations were shown wrong. Fixed.

- The panel now uses miami: instead of PROGDIR: for its images.

- Changed Frametype of Total-Uptime to TextFrame, so it is possible to change the frame of Uptimetext to your likings without having to change the ReadListFrame (which was used before) in MUI-Settings.

- The panel now supports masks for its buttons. When loading graphics, the panel looks for a file with the same filename as the button-gfx with .mask suffix. The .mask file should have the same dimensions as the button-gfx. Color 0 of the mask will be transparent.

- Panel is now using an own bitmap for disabled/ghosted look in favor of the standard rastered MUI look. New gfx needed is: online.ghosted and offline.ghosted

v4.239 - 20.02.2002

- For some people gelbesPanel was unable to load the images. Fixed.

v4.235 - 13.02.2002

- Changed the way the titlebar of the window is displayed. It's no longer just a stupid coloured bar, which makes the panel plain ugly with custom backgrounds but it now displays 'gelbesPanel' if the window is active.

- Removed "Inactive Colour" from window colour settings because it's not needed anymore. See above.

- Removed the need for a "custom" background image. Just set the windowbackdrop image in the MUI-Settings.

v4.224 - 09.02.2002

- Initial release